Abingdon is such a beautiful area, that's why so many people love going for walks, enjoying the countryside and architecture.

  1. Abingdon's Architecture (7 miles)
    This amazing walk takes you along a well-planned route, passing by some amazing buildings such as The 12th to 14th century church at Sutton Courtenay (Where George Orwell is burried)

    You can start and finish in the Rye Farm Car Park and pop in to see us afterwards for a slice of cake to make up for all that exercise you've been doing!

  2. Abingdon Canal and Town Walk (2 miles)
    This walk takes you through Abingdon Town, and along the lovely canals.

    Much like the Architecture walk, you can start at the Rye Farm Car Park, and end with a slice of Annie's cake!

  3. Pokémon Go Walk (1.8 miles)
    For those who play Pokémon Go, we've put together this walk which will guide you along some beautiful scenery, past various Pokéstops and Gyms, and finish at Annie's for a cup of success coffee!